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From August 2021 to March 2022, I worked with the Food Education Fund (FEF), a non-profit based in New York City, to set up the foundation of their communications team and strategy. This encompassed everything from testing a variety of content on their Instagram and newsletter to expanding their digital content to LinkedIn and running an online fundraiser. When exiting this role, I took charge of streamlining systems of planning, generating, and tracking content creation and success. Below you can find a selection of projects during my time with FEF.


Food for Futures:
Student Written Recipe Zine

This Zine was brought to life as an additional donation and fundraising incentive. Designed by Xiomara España, I oversaw the hiring and design process, assisted and photographed recipe images, edited content for consistency, and managed the zine’s social media launch and distribution. 


This selection of slides are pulled from a Communications Strategy Deck that I presented to Food Education Fund’s Board at the beginning of 2022. The deck lays out the organization’s socials and outreach plan for the coming year, sparking a conversation with the board of where we would need the most support from them and their networks.


In addition to refining the design of FEF’s Instagram presence, I also spearheaded the intruduction of Reels into the content stream, resulting in significant follower growth, with several reels achieving tens of thousands of views.