Alyssa Gerasimoff

I am a recent graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Furniture Design and Culture and Sustainability Studies. My present work aims to raise awareness for and critically explore inequalities inherent to contemporary global food systems. Although my studies were completed in a three-dimensional medium, I enjoy working in a variety of two-dimensional and digital mediums. I am an academic at heart and writing is an essential practice that accompanies all of my projects. I am currently based in Berlin, Germany. 

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This was a relatively fast projected completed during a Darkroom Photography course. The aim of this photo series was to challenge the ways in which food scraps and seen and to present them as the central subject of photographs. Image composition, scale, and subject matter explorations are shown in the selection on this page. Ultimately, these images, and other film photographs became an integral part of my bachelor thesis book, Empathies of Consumption.